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Our Philopsophy

We know that people aren’t really looking to create a company, but to build a business. And they’re not really looking to bank offshore, but to protect what they’ve built. So we scratch the surface to look beyond first impressions and standard solutions.

We combine innovative, entrepreneurial ideas with obsessive, legislative rigour. The result is a tailored solution that secures your assets with a personal touch.

Our Services

Offshore Banking

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Asset Protection

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Company Formations

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Trusts & Foundations

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Our Origins

We were founded in 1998 by Granville Turner, as a specialist UK banking and corporate services provider. To meet the needs of our clients, both in the UK and internationally, we expanded our offering to include offshore services. Over the years, we have grown our team, including Granville’s son, James Turner, who brings a creative entrepreneurial approach to the business.

We believe in quality over quantity. By focusing on a carefully curated selection of reputable jurisdictions, we can maximise benefits for our clients while minimising risks.

Unrivalled Reputation

We have built our reputation by protecting the reputation of our clients. The principled integrity of our founders is embodied by our specialist team, through their honesty, commitment and dedication to our clients.

We are proud that, as a testament to our personal approach, much of our business comes from our loyal customer base and professional referrals. We work with clients in almost every country in the world.

Our Directors

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While Turner Little is one of the longest-established businesses in the industry, it remains under the ownership of the two founders – Granville and James Turner, a father and son team. This close family structure enables us to provide asset protection with a personal touch and develop bespoke solutions that always prioritise your assets and safeguard your reputation.

Case Study:

The Winning Formula

We were approached by two successful property developers who were operating in the UK and overseas. Their goal was to bring between £5m and £10m from their offshore company into the UK for property development. However, this would trigger an unfavourable tax liability that the clients wanted to avoid. Luckily, the solution was simple. We advised borrowing the sum required and placing it in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) located in a beneficial tax jurisdiction. By doing so, the client did not have to pay tax penalties on loan repayments, and they invested the SPV directly into the UK property development market – thereby achieving their goal.
Case Study:

Sunnier Climes

A German client living in the UK approached us wanting to relocate his family to sunnier climes. He had a successful business and needed guidance on which jurisdiction could minimise his tax. Using our bespoke Discovery process, we carried out extensive research on numerous locations around the world that offered both quality of life and friendlier taxation levels. The client chose Portugal as their country of residence, with its beneficial, tax-efficient solutions. We continue to work closely with the client and advise him on any changes taking place so he can make the right decisions for him and his family.
Case Study:

Exceeding Expectation

A businessman with significant capital values wanted to sell major shares of his business portfolio. He approached us to come up with at least £10m worth of savings on tax, or not to call him back. Sure enough, we returned his call armed with a bespoke structure involving trusts and offshore companies, as well as the client’s relocation overseas for the next five years. As a result, the savings on his Capital Gains Tax exceeded £35m, and he now lives a millionaire’s lifestyle in a paradise location, returning to the UK for 90 days each year.
Case Study:

Train to Success

After meeting one of our directors as they waited for the same train, an entrepreneur approached us to help ease the burden of running his businesses. The now-client had expanded his catering business with numerous tangents that deviated from his original speciality, leaving him feeling stressed and confused. Using our bespoke Discovery process, we identified five separate entities which now operate under one Group Company. And for further peace of mind, we also provided asset protection to safeguard our client’s remaining businesses, should one business fail. As such, we secured a future for him and his family.

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"I feel comfortable with Turner Little’s advice in terms of where to put my money. It’s like a friend recommending."

"I get the feel of a family office from them. It’s where high-net-worth individuals have billions and there are dedicated lawyers, accountants. They work for no one else."

"I have an accountant who works for me. I want to have information of a high quality when I need it. It’s the same with Turner Little. I want things actioned. And they always deliver."

"Turner Little offers strategies on how to get to your goal. They’ll say, ‘these are the positives and negatives’. We have conversations about company structures; different jurisdictions. Their knowledge is all-encompassing."

"I use a private tailor. They take your measurements. They tell you good and bad. They advise you. And they’re high end. That’s what Turner Little is like."  

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