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About Us

At Turner Little, we have been helping individuals understand what lies beneath for over 30 years. Based in the UK, we have a wealth of experience offering professional services to our clients, as professional Company Registration Agents, Registered Bank Intermediaries, Business Consultants and Trust providers.

Our Philopsophy

We know that people aren’t really looking to create a company, but to build a business. And they’re not really looking to bank offshore, but to protect what they’ve built. So we scratch the surface to look beyond first impressions and standard solutions.

We combine innovative, entrepreneurial ideas with obsessive, legislative rigour. The result is a tailored solution that secures your assets with a personal touch.

Our Services

Offshore Banking

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Asset Protection

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Company Formations

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Trusts & Foundations

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Our Origins

We were founded in 1998 by Granville Turner, as a specialist UK banking and corporate services provider. To meet the needs of our clients, both in the UK and internationally, we expanded our offering to include offshore services. Over the years, we have grown our team, including Granville’s son, James Turner, who brings a creative entrepreneurial approach to the business.

We believe in quality over quantity. By focusing on a carefully curated selection of reputable jurisdictions, we can maximise benefits for our clients while minimising risks.

Unrivalled Reputation

We have built our reputation by protecting the reputation of our clients. The principled integrity of our founders is embodied by our specialist team, through their honesty, commitment and dedication to our clients.

We are proud that, as a testament to our personal approach, much of our business comes from our loyal customer base and professional referrals. We work with clients in almost every country in the world.

Our Directors

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While Turner Little is one of the longest-established businesses in the industry, it remains under the ownership of the two founders – Granville and James Turner, a father and son team. This close family structure enables us to provide asset protection with a personal touch and develop bespoke solutions that always prioritise your assets and safeguard your reputation.

Case Study:

Unlocking Potential

Strong goals. Flexible approaches.
A client approached us for our Discovery service to identify the best arrangement for their business. They had a successful business based in one European country, with citizenship in another, and a multi- national family. Their goal was to expand into the UK and Australasia and keep their options open for the future. We developed a complex but highly flexible corporate structure involving trusts to give our client ongoing control, minimum taxation and a say in how and when loved ones could gain access to certain funds.
Case Study:

Forensic Policing

The authorities regularly knock on our doors. So they won’t come knocking on yours. We work closely with HMRC and the Serious Fraud Office to ensure complete compliance
They even consult with us when investigating crimes. So you can rest easy knowing your assets are in safe hands.
Case Study:

Day trips to Belize

When it comes to international trusts, you need more than a rough guide. Taking the time to understand our clients’ circumstances always pays off.
One of them, a radiologist, had a close-knit family spread across the globe. Knowing that meant we could create a family trust across continents to help them protect his additional income.
Case Study:

Life After Death

Keeping your intentions alive after death takes a lifetime of expertise.
Following a marriage separation, a client approached us to define who would be the beneficiary of their assets in the event of death. To achieve this, we developed a trust that allowed our client to stipulate how and when loved ones could gain access to certain funds. Following our client’s passing, we also successfully defended a challenge to their will by a close beneficiary – thereby safeguarding our client’s assets and keeping their original intentions alive.
Case Study:

Private Practice

Finding a simple cure for complex problems and protecting your privacy is a science.
We were approached by a team of specialist medical practitioners who, due to a high media profile, required a degree of professional privacy. While they were unable to work in their home country, they wanted to continue practising.By developing bespoke, complex offshore business structures, including companies, trusts, foundations, and limited liability partnerships, we helped our clients to continue practising overseas. This allowed them to grow their business internationally, protected their personal assets, and optimised their tax arrangements. In turn, this helped to ensure their private practice remained private.
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We deliver wall-to-wall protection for your property assets.
When one of our clients lost half of their £100-million property portfolio in a legal challenge, they asked us to protect the remainder of the family’s property assets. We created a series of complex offshore structures to provide their portfolio with long-term protection and allow the family to rebuild more robustly. This meant that the family could add a further 350 properties and lay down foundations for the future. For added peace of mind, we also introduced protective structures that will benefit the next generation. These included developing successful charities and businesses.
Case Study:

International Rescue

Offshore banking emergency? We’ll help you get your money home. We go further than most to look out for our clients’ assets in offshore banks. So, when we were alerted to the potential closure of the second largest bank in Cyprus, Cyprus Popular Bank, we acted fast to protect our clients’ assets.
The existing bank guarantee only provided compensation of up to £85,000 for each customer, so clients with deposits above this amount would lose out. However, we quickly realised that the guarantee scheme was designed for individuals. By creating bespoke legal structures that transformed individuals into legal entities, we could ensure full compensation for our clients in the event of a crash.

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"I have an accountant who works for me. I want to have information of a high quality when I need it. It’s the same with Turner Little. I want things actioned. And they always deliver."

"I feel comfortable with Turner Little’s advice in terms of where to put my money. It’s like a friend recommending."

"I use a private tailor. They take your measurements. They tell you good and bad. They advise you. And they’re high end. That’s what Turner Little is like."  

"Turner Little offers strategies on how to get to your goal. They’ll say, ‘these are the positives and negatives’. We have conversations about company structures; different jurisdictions. Their knowledge is all-encompassing."

"I get the feel of a family office from them. It’s where high-net-worth individuals have billions and there are dedicated lawyers, accountants. They work for no one else."

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