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Offshore Banking

With over 20 years of expertise in international banking, we have a thorough understanding of offshore banks and the rules they must follow in every jurisdiction. This means regardless of your country of residence, we can arrange a bespoke bank account that works for you. We know what offshore banks will and will not accept, when it comes to both nature of business and offshore company jurisdictions. This allows us to put a winning combination together that will give you an edge.


Whether you require a single personal Offshore Bank Account or Corporate Offshore banking for your business, Turner Little will be able to arrange an account anywhere in the world, regardless of where you call home. Every account we arrange comes with internet banking, a card facility and the ability to transact internationally.

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Euro Pacific Bank Suspension

Individuals and companies across the world have been caught up in the investigation into suspected tax evasion and money laundering involving Euro Pacific Bank, Puerto Rico. After the conclusion of an investigation by Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcements, the bank was deregistered by the Puerto Rican authorities in June 2022. For those individuals based

How to protect yourself against the volatile currency market with an offshore bank account

As the pound falls to an all-time low against the American dollar, many people aren’t aware that offshore bank accounts can potentially mitigate against financial exposure through volatile exchange rates. There are several countries where British nationals can open bank accounts that offer the ability to hold multi-currencies. This provides flexibility – and peace of

Protecting your wealth from the risk of war

Political stability often gets overlooked when it comes to managing wealth offshore. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought this to light. It has shaken the world, the stock market and sparked concern surrounding personal and business wealth which has, for some, already been affected by rising costs as a result of the pandemic.  “Historically,

5 reasons to open an offshore bank account

Whatever your financial goals, adding an offshore bank account into the mix can help your funds go further, subject to your chosen jurisdiction. So, what exactly is an offshore (or overseas) bank account? Simply, it is a bank account outside of your country of residence. Depending on your circumstances, it’s a practical and secure way

Embracing digital transformation: Offshore banking

Offshore banking is a popular way of protecting, diversifying and maximising assets. In fact, people around the globe don’t just bank offshore for their personal assets. Businesses big and small are also opening offshore accounts to take advantage of favourable benefits, like lowering their tax liability and strengthening their anonymity. It’s no secret that today’s

The most lucrative tax havens in the world

Tax havens are defined as small, well-governed jurisdictions that impose low or zero tax rates on foreign investors. By doing so, they attract a considerable amount of individuals (and businesses) from high-tax countries who want to reduce their tax liability. Despite the bad press that tax havens get, it is possible – and very common

Are tax havens legal?

As the name suggests, tax havens are locations that offer foreign individuals and businesses little or no tax liability. A list of some of the most popular tax haven countries includes the Bahamas, Belize, Hong Kong, Panama and the British Virgin Islands. These countries tend to have lower rates of tax than that of the

Factors to Consider When Comparing Offshore Banks

It is without a doubt that banking offshore can be beneficial for certain individuals. It can provide access to foreign currencies or financial products not available in the UK, along with more privacy and the potential to be more tax efficient. But managing an offshore account can also be complicated, with varying factors determining which


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the work landscape, and the perception of remote work. Having a choice of work environment and location has now become a key factor for those in search of a better work-life balance. Companies across the globe are also more likely now, than ever before, to access freelancers both for cost


Offshore banking is neither illegal nor immoral. Yet, it has become a toxic term, vilified in the press due to association with tax evasion, money laundering and organised crime. Moreover, in 2016, top economists from around the globe put their names to a letter that called for an end to “tax havens”. But this begs

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