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The best offshore banks to use during the threat of war

Even though Russia looks to be losing the war with Ukraine, they remain an unknown threat to the stability of Eastern Europe and the Scandinavian countries that border Russia.

As Putin remains unpredictable with what he might try next, it is wise for people whose country of residence borders Russia to consider options open to them in protecting their assets and wealth.

One of the options includes looking into opening an offshore bank account, either on a personal or company basis, or both. Offshore bank accounts provide several benefits including protecting assets during legal action or threat of war, currency diversification, maximising freedoms and increasing your privacy.

However, picking the right offshore bank account, especially at times of great uncertainty is critical in order to safeguard your assets and wealth. While our team specialise in this area of work, as well as other asset protection options, there are several countries we stick to using as they are regarded as offering the best protection from economic and political interference.

For both corporate and personal banking, there are six countries that we look at in the first instance (though we can explore others if they are the right option for you through our tailored approach to protecting your assets). These are:

  • Vincent & Grenadines Corporate Banking
  • Latvia Corporate Banking
  • Belize Corporate Banking
  • Switzerland Corporate Banking
  • Mauritius Corporate Banking
  • Seychelles Corporate Banking

These banks tend to offer several features that are of critical importance should your country of residence be invaded. Features we look for include stability of the bank, remote banking options, banking law and how much money you need to deposit in the first place.

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