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Trusts & Foundations

Trusts and Foundations provide useful means by which to protect your assets and your loved ones, both now and in the future. When deciding which one to pursue, it comes down to what the Trust or Foundation is to be used for and what assets it will hold. The key is that both Foundations and Trusts are extremely useful structures in the context of wealth and succession planning and philanthropy.

Turner Little has many years of experience delivering proactive, professional guidance on the setting up and running of Trusts and Foundations. Our specialist team of experts will deal with matters pragmatically and sensitively, taking the time to meet with clients and discuss their objectives in detail to provide solutions that are uniquely tailored to individual needs.

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More on Trusts & Foundations from Turner Little

What is a trust and what are the roles of a trustee and beneficiary?

What is a trust? A trust is a legal agreement between three parties: the trustor (the person who establishes the trust), the trustee (the person who manages the trust), and the beneficiary (the person who benefits from the trust). Trusts can be used for a variety of purposes, including estate planning, tax planning, asset protection,


Many private sector businesses are family-owned and managed by first generation founders. As these businesses mature and grow, there is an increasing need to protect not only the core business assets, but the family’s personal assets as well. “Succession planning and wealth distribution, in what can be a highly complex family structure, is incredibly important


People hold offshore trusts for a variety of different reasons, from controlling and protecting your family assets to tax and estate planning. But what makes a trust ‘offshore’? And what should you know before settling one? We’ve put together a list of considerations to give you the confidence you need, to explore your options further.

Offshore Kids: The Benefits of Using a Trust

Having a financial plan in place for your future is smart. Succession planning and asset preservation are particularly important if you want to pass your wealth onto your children in later life. Many people opt for a trust fund: a legal arrangement where you give your assets to someone who can look after them for


Making money is one thing, but protecting it is another – this is particularly true if you want to pass your assets onto your children. Any reputable bank, solicitor or lawyer will tell you that individuals who have amassed some form of wealth need to protect their assets, especially those with a high net worth.

Trusts Vs Foundations: The Deciding Factors

Establishing a trust or a foundation is a useful way to manage your wealth, protect your assets and take control of your succession planning. However, they often come with an element of confusion, leading to the same questions being asked. So, what is a trust? And how does it differ from a foundation? What are

Are you financially prepared for a baby?

Any parent will tell you that the moment you hold your little one in your arms, your priorities change. Having a baby is one of life’s most beautiful and joyous occasions, but it is also one of the most life-changing events with a substantial price-tag attached. Research shows that your little bundle of joy will

Preparation Prevents Conflict: Lessons from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The challenges that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) are facing around financial arrangements and family disputes are well known. But while they are a highly visible example, family disputes over money are more common than you think. “One of the main causes of these disputes is often a lack

Offshore trusts
Offshore Trusts For High Net Worth Individuals

Effectively passing on your assets to the next generation is a process that requires preparation. Successful high net worth estate planning involves multiple elements, from tax planning to the use of trusts and Wills, each needing to be carefully structured and integrated. “Offshore trusts are often considered essential in efficient tax and estate planning by

It’s a matter of trust

As financial portfolios become more complex, financial trusts are becoming increasingly common, because they can be shaped to serve a variety of purposes. Trusts are routinely used as tools for gifting, asset management, inheritance tax planning and protection from creditors. They can be established whilst those involved are living, or can be included in a

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