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Company Formations

Whatever type or size of business you have in mind, it’s essential that you choose the right kind of business structure from the start to suit your needs. We know consulting a professional such as, a solicitor or an accountant is invaluable. Unlike many company formation services, Turner Little have these professionals on hand and in-house, to ensure the decision you make now is also right for the future.


We offer a variety of company structures both in the UK and offshore, and can provide company secretarial support, registered office facilities and banking facilities at home and abroad.

Find the best jurisdiction for your business needs

When it comes to offshore company formation, some countries offer better benefits than others. To find out which is best for your business, simply click on the condition that matters most to you.

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One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets, China, has ruled that transactions of cryptocurrencies are illegal, banning all digital tokens such as Bitcoin and other major coins. According to a notice published on The People’s Bank of China’s website, it means crypto-related transactions will be considered illicit financial activities. While it may be illegal for


Establishing a company offshore has never been more popular, as many people look for ways to protect their assets in times of uncertainty. “There are numerous reasons to set up and use an offshore company, they can often provide you with access to better infrastructure and legal frameworks. However, one of the primary reasons we

There’s no place like home: UK company formation

The UK has long been considered one of the leading business locations in the world, so if you’re thinking about forming a company in the UK, you will be in good company, and will be well placed to take advantage of the opportunities an international business centre brings. James Turner, Director at company formation specialists,

What happens after you’ve set up a company?

What do you do after company formation? Once your company registration is complete, there are a few things to consider within the first few weeks of starting a business. Following company setup, Companies House will issue a Certificate of Incorporation to verify the successful registration of your new company in the UK. Upon receipt of

The advantages and disadvantages of a limited company

Taking calculated risks is part and parcel of business operations, no matter whether you’re a sole trader or a limited company. A limited company in the UK is an incorporation whose liability is, usually, limited by shares, and is the most common form of a privately held company. It’s a company structure that allows an

Offshore Company Bank Account

Our range of offshore companies are also available with an Offshore Company Bank Account. A member of our banking team will be able to advise on a suitable bank account.

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