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Wealth Management

When it comes to wealth management, succession planning, or safeguarding your assets against unforeseen circumstances, it’s never too early to start wealth planning. Our wealth advisors take a proactive, holistic approach to managing your money wisely. We form long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust and understanding, to ensure we’re there for you at every stage of your life.

Our highly experienced wealth advisors will take time to get to know you and understand your financial needs, and those of your family, now and in the future. We consider all parts of your financial life to tailor a bespoke strategy, selecting the products and services best suited to your individual situation. We look beyond first impressions and standard solutions to ensure you and your wealth can thrive, today and tomorrow.

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How can I protect my assets from a Wealth Tax?

There is much talk of what a Labour Government may decide to do should they get into power. Some of that talk centres on whether they will look to introduce a Wealth Tax. What form a Wealth Tax might take would be anyone’s guess, but a firm favourite would be a tax on property. It

What is the best way to avoid paying inheritance tax?

As a UK resident, you’ve probably heard about the inheritance tax. It is one of the most controversial (and hated) taxes in Britain. Effectively, it is a tax on money that has already been taxed and that many people have worked hard to build up all of their lives. It is also charged at 40%

Autumn 2022 budget statement – how to manage your tax liability

James Turner, Director at Turner Little, explores what the Autumn budget statement means for individuals when it comes to personal taxation. For many individuals, the Autumn budget Statement of 2022 delivered a blow to finances through various forms of taxation. While these will be implemented on a sliding scale up until 2024, this provides time

Digital banking trends to watch

When it comes to the digital experience, consumers expect more from their financial services than ever before. For the most part, banking has been a people-led business, occupying brick-and-mortar cornerstones of our high streets. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital banking services, namely due to less accessible physical banking channels and

Top 3 banking innovations for 2022

Banking is often seen as a traditional industry. After all, it’s been around since the first known form of currency emerged. But banking has always innovated, and the current pace of change is at another level. The financial services industry is committed to digital innovation, redefining how banks operate and the services they offer to

The Bank of Mum & Dad: Helping your child buy a home

Saving for a house deposit has never been harder. Young, first-time homebuyers may find themselves overcome by student debt, rising house prices and stringent mortgage requirements. As a result, family wealth is increasingly being used to help young people on the property ladder.  A recent survey by property website, Zoopla, revealed that two thirds of

Passing wealth onto the next generation

Wealth is increasingly becoming an intergenerational issue, and the question of how and when to pass on wealth to younger generations is becoming increasingly pressing.  “It’s not always easy for our clients to discuss gifting wealth and inheritance with their family members, but passing on wealth earlier in life, and in smaller amounts could be


Businesses around the world are seeing the substantial benefits of remote working post-Covid-19. With more flexible work policies in place, and workers considering this new normal, the standard 9-to-5 workday is fast becoming a thing of the past.   A common concern amongst millions of people, however, is what, if any, concessions employees can claim


As with any investment, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies often make for high-risk, high-reward choices. As such, it’s important to carefully weigh up the risks against the potential gains before deciding whether to invest your hard-earned savings into crypto. So, let’s look at both sides of the coin: what are the pros and cons of investing


PayPal has officially claimed its entry into the crypto market, giving its UK users the ability to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin on its platform. With over 400 million active users worldwide, the major player in finance has pledged to make cryptocurrency ‘a funding source for purchases’, marking a pivotal moment for cryptocurrencies and their


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