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Turner Little - essential apps for small businesses

Essential apps for small businesses

No matter their industry, small businesses and start-ups have one thing in common: they need to operate as cheaply as ...
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Turner Little - shareholder protection insurance

Planning for the worst-case scenario – why small business owners need Shareholder Protection Insurance

Small businesses often keep it in the family. If a company owner dies suddenly, their shares can end up going ...
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Turner Little - time off for small business owners

The challenge of taking time off for small business owners

There are many upsides to owning a small business. Autonomy, control, creativity and the knowledge you’re working for yourself are ...
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Turner Little - switching banks small businessses (1)

Switching banks increasingly popular with small businesses

According to reports published in Computer Weekly on 25 July 2019, a growing number of UK small and medium sized ...
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Turner Little - no deal Brexit

Report shows UK small businesses unconcerned about no-deal Brexit

New research shows that small businesses that deal with exports and international trade are not unduly concerned about the possibility ...
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Turner Little - cash boost small business innovation

Government cash boost for small business innovation

Innovative businesses in the UK could benefit from a cash boost of £125 million. From this total, £100 million is ...
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Turner Little - equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding – everything you need to know

If you’re in the business world, you will have heard of crowdfunding. An increasingly popular way of raising money for ...
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Turner Little- Making Tax Digital

Survey shows 11% of businesses ‘unaware’ of Making Tax Digital requirements

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a new initiative from the Government aimed at simplifying the tax process for businesses and ...
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Turner Little - small business taxes

A comprehensive guide to small business taxes

Small business tax can seem complicated and is certainly not one of the most exciting aspects of launching a new ...
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Turner Little- option scheme to incentivise employees

How to set up a share option scheme to incentivise employees

Retaining and incentivising key employees should be a priority for small and medium sized business owners. And one of the ...
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