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Turner Little - decline in new UK start-ups

New research shows a steep decline in new UK start-ups

Data from the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) shows a sharp decline in new UK start-ups between 2017 and 2018. Experts ...
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Turner Little - PCI compliance

Do you know how to ensure PCI compliance for your small business?

For small businesses, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (more commonly referred to as PCI DSS) can seem confusing. But ...
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Turner Little- SMEs no deal brexit

New research shows just a fifth of small businesses are ready for a no-deal Brexit

Just one fifth (that’s 21%) of the UK’s small and medium sized enterprises (SME) are ready for a no-deal Brexit, ...
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Turner Little - digital tools improve business performance

New research shows that digital tools lead to improved business performance

Most small businesses that use digital tools credit them with improved business performance. These are the findings of a new ...
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Turner Little - essential apps for small businesses

Essential apps for small businesses

No matter their industry, small businesses and start-ups have one thing in common: they need to operate as cheaply as ...
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Turner Little - shareholder protection insurance

Planning for the worst-case scenario – why small business owners need Shareholder Protection Insurance

Small businesses often keep it in the family. If a company owner dies suddenly, their shares can end up going ...
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Turner Little - time off for small business owners

The challenge of taking time off for small business owners

There are many upsides to owning a small business. Autonomy, control, creativity and the knowledge you’re working for yourself are ...
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Turner Little - switching banks small businessses (1)

Switching banks increasingly popular with small businesses

According to reports published in Computer Weekly on 25 July 2019, a growing number of UK small and medium sized ...
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Turner Little - no deal Brexit

Report shows UK small businesses unconcerned about no-deal Brexit

New research shows that small businesses that deal with exports and international trade are not unduly concerned about the possibility ...
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Turner Little - cash boost small business innovation

Government cash boost for small business innovation

Innovative businesses in the UK could benefit from a cash boost of £125 million. From this total, £100 million is ...
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