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online business

Turner Little on how to avoid common online mistakes

Nowadays, every small business must have a consistent, professional and high quality online presence. Around 54% of small businesses have ...
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small business

Turner Little on how small businesses can appear larger and more professional

No matter how small your business and how few staff you have, it’s important that you appear as large and ...
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overseas trusts

Overseas Trusts versus Foundations

Turner Little looks at Trusts. A Trust has been used as a means of securing assets or wealth for later ...
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Explaining the different types of trust

There are different types of trust that can be set up for inheritance purposes. Selecting the right one for your ...
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Ten reasons why you should make a will

veryone should have a will, especially if you have savings, investments or own your own business or a property. Around ...
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Turner Little’s view on why you should consider setting up a trust

Trusts can be confusing, and with so many variations around it’s not easy to work out which you need, or ...
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power of attorney

Turner Little explains ‘Power of Attorney’

It’s a phrase most people have heard of, but do you know exactly what ‘Power of Attorney’ means? We’ve put ...
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buy to let

Want to Save Tax on a Buy-to-Let Property?

Turner Little look at the options to Save Income Tax, Reduce Capital Gains Liability and Reduce Inheritance Tax on Buy-to-Let ...
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What Taxes Do Small Businesses Have to Pay?

If you run a business which trades for profit, you’re legally obligated to pay taxes to the government. But the ...
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A small business guide to VAT

If you’re not sure about the VAT threshold or when you need to register, then you’ve come to the right ...
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