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What are angel investors looking for from small businesses?

Securing funding is a priority for all start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Without cashflow, it doesn’t matter how promising a ...
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Turner Little - small business industry expert

How small business owners can become recognised as industry experts

Becoming a visible industry expert, thought leader and authority in your chosen sector helps you to build credibility and attract ...
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Turner Little- Revenue fluctuations

Should small businesses focus on people or technology?

What’s more important for your small business? Is it your people or the technology you invest in? As the business ...
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Turner Little - Small business AI

Why small businesses should be cautious with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a tech buzzword. Along with automation, AI is very much here to stay, ...
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Turner Little - Small business uk tax support HMRC

Small businesses in the UK demand more tax support from HMRC

Many businesses across the UK think the tax system in this country is fundamentally unfair, according to new research from ...
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Turner Little - UK SMEs digital

Digitisation dramatically improves business for UK SMEs

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) have flexibility, agility and responsiveness on their side in the battle against large companies ...
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Turner Little - CSR small business

How does CSR and charitable giving boost small businesses?

Charitable giving and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are not only positively impacting society, they’re also having a direct effect on ...
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Turner Little - pros & cons home-based small business

The pros and cons of running a home-based small business

For those working in the corporate sector, the idea of working from home can seem tempting. An ever-increasing number of ...
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Turner Little - Barclays help small businesses through Brexit

Barclays launches fund to help small businesses through Brexit

A new Brexit date of 12 April 2019 is the Government’s current target to get Parliament to agree to the ...
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Turner Little - Could these little-known laws and regulations cost your business

Could these little-known laws and regulations cost your business?

Do you know all the regulations and legal restrictions that could cost your small business money? Many don’t. For example, ...
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