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Now we are well and truly settled into the new tax year for 2024, business owners, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and high net worth individuals in the UK are presented with an opportune moment to reassess their tax strategies and optimise their financial positions. This article offers a comprehensive guide on key actions to

Cyprus: for favourable tax systems and asset protection

Are you seeking to establish an offshore company and expand your business horizons? With its strategic location, investor-friendly environment, and a multitude of unique advantages, Cyprus presents an unparalleled opportunity. Here are some of the top benefits that Cyprus has to offer: Favorable Tax System: Cyprus offers an enticing tax regime with a low corporate tax

Are tax havens legal?

As the name suggests, tax havens are locations that offer foreign individuals and businesses little or no tax liability. A list of some of the most popular tax haven countries includes the Bahamas, Belize, Hong Kong, Panama and the British Virgin Islands. These countries tend to have lower rates of tax than that of the

We’ve Rebranded!

We’re excited to announce we’ve rebranded! Or to be precise, we’ve overhauled our identity to better reflect our values, which haven’t changed a bit. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted our new logo and website, but underneath, we’re still Turner Little. And we’re still combining entrepreneurial ideas with obsessive legislative rigour. Over the past

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