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Fluid trademarks offer innovative ways for businesses to engage with their customers. And many of the world’s biggest brands have embraced this mode of marketing for decades. So, what are fluid trademarks? Even if the term isn’t familiar, you’ve probably come across fluid trademarks. As the name suggests, they are conventional marks that change over


Setting aside all your wealth in one location can bring risks, from currency depreciation to other emerging threats. Its why many people choose to diversify their assets through offshore investing. Spreading your wealth across multiple jurisdictions can reduce financial vulnerability and lessen your chances of getting caught up in a potential economic collapse. And while

Intellectual Property In The Age Of Industry 4.0

The growth of the digital era and industry 4.0 have fuelled the growth of intangible rather than physical assets, with intellectual property (IP) representing one of the largest asset classes that a company can hold and can include patents, trademarks, brands, databases, software and trade secrets. James Turner, Director at Company Formation Specialists, Turner Little

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