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Jersey: for asset protection and tax advantages

Are you seeking to establish an offshore company and expand your business horizons? Offshore company formation in Jersey presents a range of enticing benefits to enhance your tax efficiency.

  1. Favorable Corporate Tax Rates
    Central to Jersey’s appeal is its corporate tax rate of 0%, a marked contrast to the UK’s standard rates meaning that establishing an offshore company in Jersey translates to substantial tax savings.
  2. Strategic Tax Exemptions
    Jersey offers strategic tax exemptions that can significantly bolster tax efficiency. Capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and value-added tax (VAT) exemptions for certain activities provide avenues to preserve wealth and assets more effectively, ultimately contributing to robust financial planning.
  3. Asset Protection and Privacy
    Jersey provides a robust framework for asset protection.¬†Moreover, Jersey’s commitment to confidentiality and privacy ensures discreet ownership arrangements, aligning with the discretion many seek in their financial affairs.
  4. Tailored Ownership and Management
    Jersey’s flexible corporate laws allow for customised ownership and management structures. This adaptability enables a more strategic approach to ownership and management, aligning with individual financial objectives.

Whether you seek tax advantages, asset protection, or flexible corporate laws, Jersey provides it all. Consult with our experts at Turner Little to explore how you can harness the benefits of offshore company formation in Jersey.

Spotlight on Jersey:

for asset protection and tax advantages

Key Facts

  • Average Incorporation Time: 8 WEEKS
  • Nominee Shareholders Available: YES
  • Average Tax Rate: 0.0%
  • Local Administration Fees: Very High
  • Local Banking Option: LIMITED + OFFSHORE

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