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Establishing a company offshore has never been more popular, as many people look for ways to protect their assets in times of uncertainty.

“There are numerous reasons to set up and use an offshore company, they can often provide you with access to better infrastructure and legal frameworks. However, one of the primary reasons we see businesses of all sizes interested in setting up offshore companies is privacy. Moving assets or setting up a business can often be done in a country that offers more tightly protected data security, has a robust legal framework and a network of providers that streamline the setting up process,” advises James Turner, director at company formation specialists, Turner Little.

“Understanding the most appropriate business structure for your venture is essential, not only to reduce your tax liability but also to create the right organisational structure for growth. It all depends on your chosen jurisdiction, the flexibility of the business structure you require, and some other factors,” he adds.

“Choosing an appropriate jurisdiction is also one of the most important steps when establishing your company offshore. As such, it should be carefully considered and tailored to your business needs. It is advisable to look at the jurisdiction’s economic health, tax rules and advantages as well as corporation and banking privacy, among other factors. Thankfully at Turner Little, we incorporate companies in many overseas jurisdictions to provide you with a wide variety of options,” says James.

At Turner Little, we create bespoke offshore corporate structures to enable you to make the right decision for your future. All of our offshore company formation packages are inclusive of an introduction to an offshore bank. Alternatively, rather than simply making an introduction to an appropriate bank, we can support with your entire application for an offshore bank account for your venture.

To find out how you can establish your offshore company, speak to a member of our trusted team.  

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