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Embracing digital transformation: Offshore banking

Offshore banking is a popular way of protecting, diversifying and maximising assets. In fact, people around the globe don’t just bank offshore for their personal assets. Businesses big and small are also opening offshore accounts to take advantage of favourable benefits, like lowering their tax liability and strengthening their anonymity.

It’s no secret that today’s always-on consumers come highly informed with specific demands pertaining to offshore banking and the digital revolution. As a result, many offshore banking institutions are forced to adopt changes to accommodate their current and potential customer’s ever-changing needs.

Branchless banking = higher interest rates

With so many onshore challenger banks going branchless, offshore banks recognise the need to adapt in order to keep up. Branchless offshore banks offer incredible benefits for account holders, as the overhead cost to customers is significantly reduced. This means that you can earn better interest rates and increase your return on investment.

24/7 service = ultimate convenience

Convenience is the top reason to opt for a digital offshore bank account for many people. Unlike local services that tend to offer limited operating hours and long, drawn-out loan approval processes, offshore digital banks offer fully-fledged banking services 24/7. This is incredibly beneficial for today’s on-the-go consumers who want to manage their offshore investments and transfer funds with ease.

Instant access = better asset protection

Digital access to offshore funds gives customers the ability to log into their account whenever, wherever. Therefore, you’ll be ready to quickly pull your hard-earned savings out of your account at the first sign of trouble.

AI chatbots = improved service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are mainstream these days. With it, consumers can ask questions, be guided through steps in solving an issue, and consult from the comfort of their own homes.

The integration of AI-powered chats is proven to increase offshore banks’ customer service, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a more personalised service. In fact, with advances in technology, it will soon be impossible for humans to tell if they’re talking to a computer or a real person.


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