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Offshore Corporate Credit Cards

An offshore credit card is a seamless addition to international business. Owning one can help avoid bank transfer expenses and foreign exchange interest rates, and act as a convenient and reliable way to conduct all of your offshore affairs. Turner Little offer offshore card facilities in several offshore jurisdictions around the globe.

Turner Little provides world-class banking services for clients worldwide. We will take time to understand your business goals, as well as legal and regulatory considerations, depending on your global operations.

We have links to major international banks for the arrangement of credit cards, offering complete privacy and acceptable in any country in the world. For your peace of mind, all our cards are thoroughly researched to ensure practicality and maximum privacy.

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All the indicated fees are exclusive of VAT.

Applications are accepted subject to Turner Little Terms & Conditions. The actual issue of any card will be on Terms specified by the issuer and not by Turner Little.

Please note that any timescale indicated begins when an application is submitted to the bank.

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