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Nevis Offshore Company Formation

Nevis is a Caribbean Island approximately 1,200 miles south of Miami and 225 miles south-west of Puerto Rico. It has an area of approximately 36 square miles. As well as being an independent member of the British Commonwealth and the United Nations, it is also a member of the sovereign federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. The island of Nevis is part of the Leeward Islands, which was originally settled as a British Colony in 1628. After being handed over to the French and Spanish, control of the island was restored to Britain in 1783. After 200 years of British rule, Nevis gained independence in 1983, since when it has enjoyed a democratic system of government and a high degree of stability.

Country: Nevis
Population: 12,100
Capital: Charlestown
Currency: Eastern Carribean dollar
Language: English

Nevis Offshore Company Formation £1510.00 + Vat
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Services Included Year 1 Year 2 onwards
Incorporation N/A
Corporate Structuring N/A
Corporate Domicile £500
Government Fee $220
Accounting Data Address Optional Extra
Director & Nominee Service Optional Extra Optional Extra
Estimated renewal costs in year two: £1,595.00

Details of Limited Company (Offshore Exempt)

  • Minimum of two subscribers and thereafter minimum of one shareholder.
  • Minimum of one director – number of directors must equal number of shareholders where there are three shareholders or fewer.
  • Company secretary must be appointed.
  • Minimum issued share capital of £100.
  • Directors can be corporate or individual and need not be local residents.
  • Meetings of directors or shareholders may be held in any country.
  • No public disclosure of directors or shareholders in Nevis.
  • Companies are required to file an Annual Return, inclusive of a Financial Summary. Where a Company is managed and controlled outside of Nevis and where income is derived outside of Nevis, it will not be liable for taxation in Nevis.
  • Minimum annual government licence fees (currently US$200) where authorised share capital does not exceed US$100,000.
  • Taxation treaties with UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Please note that information given on this page is subject to change at any time without notice as a consequence of changes made in local legislation.


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