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Personal Credit Correction

At Turner Little, we know that the reasons for being declined credit are many and varied, but it usually comes down to the information held about you by one or other of the Credit Reference Agencies.

The natural instinct of most people when they are declined credit is to apply elsewhere; now this is perfectly logical but often has a detrimental effect on your credit score. Before granting you credit, the majority of institutions will run credit checks on you and each search made will register on your credit file. Even relatively few checks over a short period of time can have an adverse effect on your record.

If you are declined credit, it is recommended to find out why and strategically plan your next move. Something as simple as out of date or incorrect information on your file could affect your credit-worthiness as can family members at your address with adverse history.

Other factors having an adverse impact might include:

• No electoral roll information
• County Court Judgements (paid or unpaid)
• Defaults (paid or unpaid)
• Family adverse credit
• Inadequate or poor payment history on any accounts (currently or previously held)
• Multiple address links
• Multiple links with other people
• Incorrect information
• Multiple credit searches
• CIFAS warnings
• Out of date information
• Repossessions

Personal Credit Correction £85.00 + Vat
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Personal Credit Correction Stages 1,2 & 3.

Our Personal Credit Correction process

Stage one

We will obtain your credit files directly from the Credit Reference agencies.

Stage two

We will analyse your files in-depth and give you an easy to understand analysis of any entries on your record that negatively impact your credit-worthiness.

Stage three

We will provide a clear outline of your options and discuss items identified in stage two to establish what action can be taken to remove or amend any damaging items. We will also suggest ways to improve your credit file.

Stage four

We will take care of your request as agreed in stage three.

Stage five

We will give you a detailed copy and analysis of your amended file together with a full explanation of its contents.

How long does Credit Correction take?

• Stages one to three can usually be completed within two or three weeks.
• Stage four can take anywhere between two and six weeks, depending on the complexity of your case.
• Stage five is usually ready two or three weeks after completion of stage four.

What are the costs?

• Stages one to three are at a fixed cost of £85 + VAT
• Stage four will vary depending on the content of your file and what corrections are required, but as a guide, each item will be charged at £20 + VAT per item for all items amended or removed up to a maximum of eight items. If there are more than eight items, the cost will be capped at eight charges – 8 x £20 + VAT, in other words, £160 + VAT. The final figure will be notified to you in advance with no obligation on your part to proceed further if you do not wish.
• Stage five is free of charge and complimentary.

Essentially, the maximum cost you can incur is £245 + VAT, and the minimum charge is £85 + VAT. The initial fee of £85 + VAT is non-refundable unless you subsequently cancel your order and no work has already been carried our on your behalf.

If you would prefer to obtain your files yourself, we will still analyse them for you and suggest the appropriate action. In this case, the charges for stage two and three will be £85 + VAT.

Your rights to cancel

When we have received your order and payment, we will send you written confirmation that there is an agreement between us. You will have the right to cancel the agreement between us within seven working days of the date of our written confirmation.

If you request us to start our Credit Correction service within that seven working day period, your cancellation rights will lapse. If you do not tick the box on the order form to indicate that you want us to begin right away, we will wait seven working days before we start the process.

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