UK Company Incorporations, with the exception of e-formations, 1 and 2 star companies, include FREE introduction to a UK Bank for a Corporate Bank Account. The Bank to whom Turner Little will introduce the Client or the Client’s Company will be solely at the discretion of Turner Little Limited. Where the Client’s Company is successful in opening a bank current account for the Client’s Company incorporated by Turner Little and that account is with the Bank to whom Turner Little have introduced the Client’s Company, then provided that the account is opened within three months of the date of incorporation of the Client’s Company by Turner Little, then Turner Little will credit that account with a £50.00 cashback. The £50 can only be paid direct into the Company Bank Account opened as a direct result of the introduction to that Bank by Turner Little. It will not be paid other than in the manner prescribed. This cashback offer does not apply to the e-formation package or the 1 star or 2 star company formation packages.