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Many private sector businesses are family-owned and managed by first generation founders. As these businesses mature and grow, there is an increasing need to protect not only the core business assets, but the family’s personal assets as well. “Succession planning and wealth distribution, in what can be a highly complex family structure, is incredibly important


Establishing a company offshore has never been more popular, as many people look for ways to protect their assets in times of uncertainty. “There are numerous reasons to set up and use an offshore company, they can often provide you with access to better infrastructure and legal frameworks. However, one of the primary reasons we


The economic substance legislation came into effect in January 2019 in the Crown Dependencies and overseas territories. It is designed to protect the reputation of offshore jurisdictions. It does this by ensuring that income streams from certain activities are based on actual local activity in order to substantiate the use of low tax jurisdictions. The

The future of tax havens

This week, the EU has added four countries and jurisdictions to its blacklist of tax havens, including British overseas territory the Cayman Islands. “The EU set up the system in 2017, to put pressure on countries to crack down on tax havens and unfair competition, sanctioning those it considered unfair in offering tax avoidance schemes.

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