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The World of Hush Hush Home Sales

The average homeowner relies on an estate agent to buy or sell a property, but there’s another world out there for those who prefer to buy or sell their properties privately. These properties never have a ‘For Sale’ sign outside, nor have been listed with any agents. There are never any details or photographs online, nor do buyers tend to visit the property until the sale has been completed.

James Turner, Director at York-based Turner Little says: “Private buyers of this calibre tend to be ultra-high net worth individuals who purchase properties through a company structure, which can make it almost impossible to ascertain their identities.

“If a buyer wants to purchase through a company, there are a few options. The first is to buy through an offshore company and the second is to utilise a revocable or living trust. The end goal is often about both a degree of anonymity and asset protection.”

Whilst buyers want to keep their identities private, so it doesn’t impact price negotiations, others want to ensure that the purchase doesn’t negatively impact their larger business presence. However, for most, it’s about safety and security.

“The benefits of off-market selling used to be limited to the super-rich, but the reality is, it can be leveraged by anyone. We at Turner Little are specialist company formation agents, who are able to offer the best possible service for those in need of a little more security when it comes to property purchases and asset protection, no matter the value” adds James.

Turner Little specialises in creating bespoke solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The knowledge and expertise of their specialists will be able to assist with any enquires, no matter how complex.

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