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3 Reasons to sell your property off-market

The property market has evolved significantly over the last decade, particularly due to the growth of technology in the industry.  With the rise of ‘next generation’ property agencies like Rightmove, Zoopla and Purple Bricks, the role of the estate agent is fast changing. James Turner, Director at York-based Turner Little takes us through the evolution

The Importance of Pensions

Research has revealed that 27% of affluent individuals in the UK who are still working, believe they will have to put up with a lower standard of living when they are retired, with only 18% believing they will be better off. Following this, according to a survey by the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), the

Is Gold the Ultimate Safe Haven Asset?

The price of gold has surged following increased tensions in the middle east, sending investors rushing to safe haven stocks. These are the highest levels we have seen since 2013 amid heightened US-Iran tensions Gold, the US dollar, government bonds and cash are all often seen as safe havens for investors in times of economic

The World of Hush Hush Home Sales

The average homeowner relies on an estate agent to buy or sell a property, but there’s another world out there for those who prefer to buy or sell their properties privately. These properties never have a ‘For Sale’ sign outside, nor have been listed with any agents. There are never any details or photographs online,

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