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Offshore company formation can be a complicated, lengthy and tedious process when going at it alone. While it is possible to set up an offshore company yourself, there are legitimate reasons why a regulated consultant should handle offshore company formation.

1. Offshore company formation is often associated with dodgy dealings

If you’ve read news articles about offshore companies, you’ll probably know that many are under the spotlight due to tax evasion and money laundering allegations. But if you operate with the right intentions, offshore company formation is a perfectly legal way to protect your hard-earned wealth from potential threats – such as business creditors, divorce, bankruptcy and more. A reputable offshore company formation consultant will put your mind at ease knowing that your business abides by the laws of your chosen jurisdiction from the word ‘go’.

2. Some jurisdictions only want to deal with trusted consultants

Setting up an offshore company without a trusted consultant often requires you to be physically present to complete the necessary documentation. This means travelling to your chosen jurisdiction to speak with a company registrar, which is a time-consuming process – especially if there is a language barrier. And in business terms, time is money. 

A consultant will do all the legwork on your behalf, from collecting and checking documentation to making an introduction to a suitable offshore bank for your company.

3. Consultants hold enormous amounts of knowledge

One of the biggest roadblocks for efficient company formation is knowing which offshore jurisdiction is best for your business. While some offer legal tax advantages, others are well-known for their privacy laws that protect your personal information from scrutiny. The problem is: how can you know all the details concerning local laws and regulations in a jurisdiction that you are not familiar with? The solution is to seek advice from a consultant with years of experience and know-how of the ever-changing rules and requirements in various jurisdictions.

4. You can massively reduce your burden

Experienced consultants are well-versed with the process of setting up an offshore company at an in-depth level. They can therefore guide and complete the process efficiently and professionally, significantly reducing your burden. So, while your business is being set up in safe hands, you can utilise your time in the best possible way. 

5. It could take you months

For obvious reasons, company registrars are very careful in giving you a licence to operate your business in their jurisdictions. As such, it can take months of going back and forth before a decision is finalised. Luckily, hiring the right consultant can get your company set up online in as little as two working days – a win-win for you and your offshore company registrar. 

Turner Little – your offshore company formation consultants

As offshore company formation specialists, we create fuss-free, bespoke offshore corporate structures to help you make the right decision for your future. Our trusted consultants will take the time to sit down with you and guide you through the best jurisdictions suited to your needs. 

All of our offshore company formation packages are inclusive of an introduction to an offshore bank. Alternatively, rather than simply making an introduction to an appropriate bank, we can support you with your entire application for an offshore bank account for your venture.

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