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Social Media Is Key To Launching A Successful Product

Turner Little discusses new data, which indicates that the majority of marketers believe that social media is the most effective tool available, when it comes to promoting new products to consumers.

Launching products

There are a range of tasks you must complete when launching a new product. You should protect the associated intellectual property, through vehicles such as trademarks, to gain an edge against your market competitors. As specialists in the area, the Turner Little can help you register trademarks.

You also need to market the product to consumers. After conducting market research, you need to determine which platforms you will use to promote your product. Consumers are increasingly engaging with businesses online, so digital channels should form a key component of your firm’s marketing plan. Considering the fact that a third of Britons are influenced by social media engagement every month, you would be advised to use these channels, to reach a vast audience.

Social media marketing

Research found that 74% of respondents believe that social media is key to promoting new products successfully.

When asked about the most notable benefit of social media, 46% cited its potential to spread awareness of a new product among consumers. Meanwhile, just over two thirds (64%) of those questioned admitted that when creating campaigns they utilise social listening, ensuring that they can monitor online conversations surrounding their product, so they can address consumer concerns.

Social media has become the most important way to generate buzz for new products and services before they appear. Shareable content and social engagement allow brands to create a groundswell of pre-launch interest in a way no other channel can match.

Successful launch

The research also shed light on other marketing trends. According to 72% of those polled, the creative ideas behind launch initiatives have become braver over the past five years. Meanwhile, 81% said that since 2011, the time between the conception of a marketing idea and the launch of a product has shortened, with 70% admitting that they can now complete this process within six months.

Social media marketing is popular for launching products because it allows marketers to executive brave ideas quickly, while reaching a vast audience. In order to execute social media marketing effectively, you need to have a strong company website, which consumers can visit from your social profiles to find out more about your firm. Here at Turner Little, we provide the internet services, such as website development, that you need to ensure your social media marketing efforts prove lucrative.

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