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What small businesses will thrive after Brexit  

According to media reports, the UK Government is still trying to thrash out a deal for leaving the EU in 2019. While some accuse coverage of scaremongering, others are concerned about the increasing likelihood of a ‘no deal’ Brexit and what that could mean for the economy.

Whether the UK leaves with a deal or not, it seems that things will change for businesses and people investing in certain asset classes. For example, it’s likely that financial services businesses that rely on easy access to the European market will suffer. However, there will be winners too. Specifically, the opportunities presented by Brexit to small businesses.

SMEs could form the backbone of the economy post-Brexit, and the Government is certainly taking this stance. For those looking for financing, there are positive options such as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). This is because we are witnessing a time in the market where businesses are looking for investors, and investors are seeking out opportunities, leading to a ‘sweet spot’

Investment opportunities

Small and growing businesses offer investors the kind of opportunities that will continue to appeal after Brexit. These are the businesses that will flourish when the UK has left the EU, for various reasons.

The first is that they often operate in niche areas, specialising in specific sectors or services. This gives a measure of protection against any Brexit fallout, as they will still have that niche afterwards. Small businesses are also agile, flexible and able to adapt quickly to changes. This is one of their standout advantages over corporate giants.

Smaller businesses have an ability to pivot quickly, if necessary. Should circumstances demand a change in product or service, they are better placed to do so without enduring major adverse effects on their bottom line.

Strong Government support

The final reason for small businesses’ strong position as the UK heads towards Brexit, is the Government’s support. There is a renewed vigour in the support for entrepreneurship and innovation since the Referendum. Ministers are increasingly keen to encourage small businesses to continue to innovate and exploit niche opportunities, and to expand into larger markets.

In the current market climate, smaller firms that are potentially disruptive are increasingly attractive to investors. Entrepreneurship is at the heart of growth businesses, and the opportunities for financing are stronger than ever right now. The support available is not limited to funding, as many investment funds are providing mentoring which can be just as important as the funding itself.

James Turner, Managing Director of Turner Little Limited says: “These small, disruptive, niche businesses will form the economic backbone of the UK after Brexit. There is no doubt that the economy and market is experiencing a time of uncertainty as we wait to find out the Government’s final exit deal, but small businesses can mitigate the risks by securing funding and mentorship at the same time.

“SMEs must also retain their flexibility and ability to adapt to a potentially fast changing market. The reality is that no-one can yet forecast exactly what will happen to any business sector when the UK is out of the EU, but by focusing on being adaptable, agile and staying alert, small businesses can weather any potential storm.

“As we approach Brexit, investors should be turning more to these kinds of businesses, as they offer the best chances of thriving in the new, post-EU business landscape.”

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