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Why Should You Hire Company Formation Agents?

If you are looking to set up a new business, you can reap various benefits by forming a limited company. Should you pursue this option, it is advisable that you utilise the services of limited company formation agents, such as Turner Little, to ensure that your business can become a success.

Limited company benefits

There are a range of advantages, to setting up a limited company instead of becoming a sole trader. This model imbues your firm with a sense of professionalism, due to the prestigious reputation of limited companies. This can you make your company a more attractive partner to bigger firms later on – some firms will not even consider partnering with sole traders, increasing your ability to generate business.

As a limited company, you will also receive an extra measure of financial protection. This means that you will not be personally liable, if your firm incurs losses. Also you can utilise tax efficiencies as a limited company, reducing outgoings. For example, you can benefit from low corporation tax rates, and you can reduce corporation tax further by utilising benefits such as capital allowances.

Experienced hands

But if you wish to fully take advantage of these benefits, it’s advisable to hire limited company formation agents when launching your new business. This is primarily because limited company formation agents have years of experience in this area. You will be able to draw on their considerable experience, to ensure your business is created as quickly as possible and in the most appropriate structure thus allowing you to start trading without delay.

You will be required to submit memorandum and articles of association to Companies House, when creating you venture. There are a range of complex asks involved in handling this duty, such as providing various information including your director  and shareholder details and SIC code, as well as a register of ‘People with Significant Control’ of your company. If you hire an experienced agent, they will already be familiar with what this involves, ensuring a smooth company creation process.

Consummate professionals

You will also gain the ability to collaborate with consummate professionals, when hiring company formation agents, delivering exemplary customer service. Agents strive to supply prompt, high quality formation services, so they typically offer complete transparency and respect the advertised prices for their services, keeping your outgoings under control. Your firm will be submitted to Companies House extremely quickly, so within a working day, you should have the documents required to begin trading.

Company formation agents also have a reputation for reliability. Many are intimately familiar with the market, due to their considerable experience, so if you have an issue, you will be able to go to them and see it resolved within hours. You will ultimately be provided with accurate, efficient company formation services, when pursuing this option, which will be tailored to your specifications. This will ensure that your business can enter the market under favourable conditions, setting it up for success.

Choosing company formation agents 

If you wish to hire a company formation agent, when setting up a limited company, how can you find the right agent for your circumstances? It pays to shop around, looking at various agents’ experience, reputation for excellence and competitiveness on price. You will find all of this if you choose to utilise Turner Little’s limited company formation services, allowing you to work with agents who have over twenty years’ worth of experience, when it comes to creating ventures, giving your firm the best start.

You will find a comprehensive range of affordable limited company formation services with Turner Little. Our most popular option is the 3 Star package, which costs just £109.09. This includes various services, from free Companies House filing and free lifetime company support, to the provision of a fully completed hard bound copy of your company register and free introduction to a UK Bank for a corporate bank account with £50.00 Cashback* (*subject to terms and conditions) on successful opening of the company’s bank account. If you choose Turner Little as your company formation agent, you will gain the first rate service needed to establish a thriving enterprise.

Turner Little

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