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Turner Little explains how to expand a small business without affecting profits

A major challenge for SMEs concerns how to expand, protect profits and grow in a sustainable way, particularly during unpredictable economic times. It’s common for start-ups to work in more creative ways than bigger businesses, in order to tackle the challenges facing them. This ‘thinking out of the box’ employee-centric strategy has been so effective

What Should You Consider When Opening an Off-Shore Account?

Despite often attracting “bad press”, establishing an off-shore bank account can provide you with the effective means to manage your assets particularly when you live, work or buy property abroad or routinely transfer money between international accounts or currencies. Turner Little outline the key considerations when opening an off-shore bank account. Check your suitability Before you do

Is an Offshore Account Right for You?

We’ve put together this guide to offshore accounts, to help you decide whether it’s something you should include in your financial planning. You may have read about high profile celebrities ostensibly using offshore bank accounts to get out of paying tax, but it’s not that simple and that is not a reason to have an

business crowwdfunding

How to Attract Investment Through Crowdfunding

It is crucial, as a new business owner that you acquire funding to bankroll operations, but banks are traditionally reluctant to lend to small companies, due to high risk factors. Instead, consider turning to alternative financing options, such as Crowdfunding, which can be far easier to obtain. Helping you utilise this financing method, Turner Little explains

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